Here at Earth Impact we have a team of over 80 staff members.


We recruit all our own staff and provide extensive initial training to all our agents. We also provide ongoing training to ensure our team is fully equipped to provide the best service to our clients.

Our main aim is the personal and career development of every single staff member at Earth Impact.


We have an internal 'Pathways to Management' workshop which provides management training and experience to agents who show potential to progress within the company.


Every team leader and senior manager within the company started as an agent and we pride ourselves on growing our team internally. This leads to a well trained, dedicated and environmentally motivated work force.

Derm0t Carney

"My ten years of experience in direct sales has taught me that belief equals success.

You can use your passion to drive you from the bottom to the top."

Rebecca Searston
Operations Manager
Luke Czirok
National Sales Director

"Studying environmental law in the UK gave me a genuine interest in how we can work together to conserve the environment and ensure animals are protected. With 3 years experience in sales, I love to utilise my talents to generate passion about the planet in other people."

Miloud Bekkari
VIC State Manager

"Growing up in the beautiful environment of Queensland I have always loved animals and realise the importance of environmental conservation. I have 3 years of experience in direct sales and love the communication aspects of the industry."


Key Staff

- Miloud Bekkari

- Alexandra Barzin

- Easter Tatupu

New South Wales

Key Staff

- Roxanne Bailey

- Taylor Irvin

- Noelia Sevald


Key Staff

- Brandon Winter

- Anna Delage